SUP 11 city tour 2013

This is the SUP 11 city tour 2013. The 220 km tour along the 11 city’s of Friesland.

The real tour starts on 4 september 2013, but the prologue was the day before. Not only the competitors of the 11 city tour, but everyone with a SUP board was welcome to join this short tour through Leeuwarden. Theme: Represent your country!

Here are some pictures of the prologue. Enjoy!





SUP11DSC_0424 SUP11DSC_0387 SUP11DSC_0384 SUP11DSC_0369 SUP11DSC_0354 SUP11DSC_0349 SUP11DSC_0347 SUP11DSC_0346 SUP11DSC_0336 SUP11DSC_0335 SUP11DSC_0333 SUP11DSC_0326 SUP11DSC_0324 SUP11DSC_0311 SUP11DSC_0309 SUP11DSC_0301 SUP11DSC_0291 SUP11DSC_0290

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Xpict more!

Awesome week with SUP 11 City Tour!

Xpict has been on the road last week, following the SUP 11 city tour. Stad Up Paddling along the 11 cities of Friesland, counting 220 km’s! A great achievement for the participants to paddle that distance in only 5 days. Not only physically, but for some emotionally as well. So, congratulations to everyone. You are all winners!

My mission was to Xpict all participants, even if I have to wait for an hour for the last one to pass by. Everyone deserves a picture that shows their great achievement and I am happy to say that I pretty much succeeded!

The Xpictures of first 3 stages are already published (click the link above).

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Thanks to the organisers of SUP 11 city tour to let me be part of this great event!